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Skin Rituals

You're unique and so is your skin. A healthy skin is all about balance of the mind and body. The formula to achieve this balance is so different for each and everyone of us. There is not a single diet, skin treatment and skin care that can work for everyone. Your skin type is unique to you, it's your genetic blueprint that you are born with.

Holistic Skin Rituals at The Organic Therapist are designed around the uniqueness of your own skin, emotions and body. In order to care for our skin we have to learn to intuitively listen to it. The condition of your skin is determined by changes in your emotional health, gut health, hormones, environment, stress, diet and sleep patterns. 

This is why when you visit The Organic Therapist, a customised approach to treating your skin and body is based on the understanding of your uniqueness. This approach assists in restoring balance to your skin, health and overall wellbeing.

Aika Elemental Ayurvedic Essence

A luxurious skin ritual that takes you on a holistic wellness journey of restoring your skin to pure harmony with an Ayurvedic healing therapy. Beginning with a warm aromatic oil infusion and exfoliation of your back, Ayurvedic herbs and clays are freshly custom-blended for your Ayurvedic body type to deeply cleanse, polish and balance your skin. A meditative facial massage gently stimulates the vital energy points of your face leaving your skin glowing with vitality and health. This elemental experience nourishes all parts of the body, the legs and feet receive loving attention, alongside an Ayurvedic head and scalp massage. A farewell ritual of a guided relaxation, yogic stretching and anointing of the feet concludes the treatment to bring a sense of wellbeing.

$205 - 1 hour 45 mins

Holistic Skin Ritual

Nutrition, stress and environment play a powerful role in the health of our skin. Treating a wide range of concerns, this individually formulated skin ritual blends herbal and organic eco-luxe skincare with a holistic approach to repair and restore the skinʼs natural radiance. Through inhalations, deep cleansing, warm aromatic compresses, gentle exfoliation, whole plant masks, herbal-infused serums and creams, lymphatic drainage and energy flow techniques, the skinʼs natural ability to detoxify, nourish and regenerate is aided. Your ritual journey includes a neck, shoulder and scalp massage to release tension and a leg and foot massage to de-stress and restore an inner sense of calm, harmony and balance.

$165 - 1hr and 30 mins. *Our most popular treatment.

Energy Flow Ritual

Allow some precious time to yourself as you relax into this fully customised ritual that easily fits into your day. Inhalations, deep cleansing and compresses purify both skin and mind alleviating fatigue and instilling calm. Softness and smoothness are returned witha creamy polish and mask while an energy balancing massage and breathing practices restore vitality and flow. Refreshing mists and hydration soak into your skin to complete this beautifully revitalising pause.

$120 - 45 mins